If you have actually ever thought, “Can dogs have ADHD,” you wouldn’t be alone. It is entirely possible for dogs to have Attention deficit disorder (ADHD) because pet dogs and people have a similar brain structure. ADHD is marked by distractibility and hyperactivity. Some individuals might believe these traits are normal for the type of their pet and buddy. It isn’ t always the case.

Dog owners can improve the quality of time they spend with their dog by understanding what is a normal amount of energy and what is considered extreme. A great dog trainer will help evaluate the breed, determine normal behaviors, and help develop a path to overcome all unwanted behavior. Veterinarians and professional dog behaviorists (aka canine mental health professionals) can also step in to assist in the evaluation and treatment plan helping dogs overcome ADHD.

Dogs are a fun-loving companion for families of all sizes. They are both protector and companion, but like their human counterparts, there are no two dogs alike. Some dogs naturally have a lot of energy while other dogs will lounge around all day without a care in the world. This is based on the dog breed, personality, and potential mental health issues.

Before comparing your dog to the neighbor’s dog, make sure to understand the differences and similarities between breeds. All dogs have a general need for companionship whether they seek that from a human or another pet. As descendants of wolves, dogs are pack animals and need other dogs (or humans) to be emotionally and mentally healthy.

Because of a desire for attention often mixed with a high metabolic rate, it isn’t uncommon for a dog to get hyperactive after being home alone for long periods of time. Dogs have a similar sense of excitement that humans do in anticipation of seeing a loved one. When dogs are left alone for extended periods of time, they will seek mental stimulation to alleviate boredom leading to unwanted behavior.

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