Excitement urination in dogs is not a great issue that a pet owner wants to have with man’s best friend. These accidents usually happen when a dog is overly excited, anxious or feeling a need to be completely submissive. Most incidents happen when your dog is greeting you or guests at the front door or while romping around. Ultimately, regardless of the situation where it happens, your pup is unable to contain himself.

Before you can stop excitement urination in your dog, you must determine exactly why he is doing it. There are a variety of reasons your pooch could be having a hard time holding his bladder when he sees or plays with you. Utilize the help of your veterinarian and dog trainers to make sure your pup is able to develop the right tools to stop the unwanted behavior.  

Reasons for Excitement urination in Dogs

One thing is for certain, dog trainers, animal behaviorists and veterinarians agree that excitement and submissive urination does not happen because your pup is a bad dog. It has nothing to do with potty training and isn’t retaliation for you leaving him at home alone for extended periods of time. Excitement urination is a problem that happens because your dog is so overwhelmed with excitement or is wrought with fear that he can’t hold his bladder any longer. Sometimes the accident might just be a little dribble while other times it might be a full release of his bladder. 

There are three main categories of urination problem causes such as submissive issues, medical issues, and behavioral training/confidence problems. The behavior can happen when they welcome you at the door, while you are petting them or as you make eye contact (in the case of submissive urination). Some breeds such as Cocker Spaniels and Retrievers are more prone to excitement urination than others. Pay attention to what is happening right before your dog has an accident with excitement urination. This is the key to resolving the problem.

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