Throughout the late 19th century, the Germans bred the GSP within an all-purpose searching dog. After all, why use one dog breed to hunt, yet another to stage and another to regain, when one strain could do everything?! Developed with versatility in mind, the GSP had been bred to hunt on both the water and land, point, trail injured sport and hunt out diverse game. Primarily a bird dog, the GSP hunted quail, pheasant and waterfowl but also deer, opossum and raccoon. With his phenomenal endurance and strong field instincts, the GSP soon became an exceptional hunting companion. Unlike many of his eponymous counterparts that hunted in packs, the GSP had been developed to function with guy alone.

routine. While searching is the crowd favorite among GSPs, other movement sports like pier jumping, agility, disc dog and rally are most likely to maintain their attention.

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GSPs usually get along with other dogs; lots of chase cats or other little animals. With children, young GSPs show (too much, sometimes!) Exuberance, but they are always well-intentioned. Some GSPs evidence a watchdog gene. Most engage agreeably with fresh visitors, particularly if the guests have good ball-throwing arms!
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Suggested Breed Quote:”A body in movement
remains in movement!” Alamy Stock Picture
Traditionally, GSPs may excel in sports over”professors,” but they’re still an intelligent breed. GSPs can glow in obedience, but families will need to keep lessons stimulating and non-
A well-exercised GSP creates a beautiful housedog. He can withstand both warm and cold weather, but he is not meant to be left outside alone for long periods. If he is not included in family fun and sports, he will probably devise creative sports of his very . “Exactly what do you mean you didn’t need me to dig all your sprinkler heads? They had taken over the yard!”

Hunting in his background

Shedding: The GSP sheds, and his hair’s texture implies that it often sticks to furniture and carpeting.
Grooming: Regular cleaning keeps the jacket in great shape, but in general the breed is not high maintenance (for grooming, at least!) .

Now, GSPs continue to excel in hunting, but they also shine in monitoring, companionship and maintaining their land with no vermin, also. As dogs notably, GSPs have an almost infinite energy. The pups need both structured and unstructured outlets to their playful get-up-and-go makeups. The GSP usually takes naturally to swimming, hiking, and sports like monitoring or flyball.
Best for Hunters, active singles. Busy families using a true commitment to exercising the dog every day.

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Sociable, eager to please and exceptionally athletic, the muscle GSP has a heart for the hunt. He also creates a fine family friend. A all-purpose gun dog, the breed has powerful scenting forces and boundless curiosity. His energy fits up well with active, outdoor-loving singles or families.
Color: Strong liver along with a Mixture of white and liver

Busy. Busy. More active.

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Ears: The breed’s ears’ fold and shape can inhibit airflow, occasionally allowing for diseases. Regular cleaning with mild ear remedy is very beneficial.
Equipment: Lots of hard, durable recovering toys

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Jacket: The short, thick coating includes a slightly rough texture.

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