Smiling Dog: Jax

Dog’s name and age: Jax, 1 year

Adoption story: I was ready to adopt a dog and thought that a smaller breed would suit me best. When I first spotted Jax I wasn’t sure because of the size and the amount of work they take. But since I have always been a dog person and melt for puppies, I decided he to take him. He was full of energy, very happy and I fell in love. Jax has helped me stay busy and has kept my mood up with his goofy antics. I now believe he came into my life for a reason and I could not be more grateful.

Behind the name: Jax was named after a character from the TV series Sons of Anarchy.

Jaxson’s favorite things: His absolute favorite place to go is the dog park so he can hangout with his pals. He loves going for long walks and looks forward to his Kong every┬ámorning.


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